Pre-Marriage Education

Saving Your Marriage Before (and after) It Starts

Created by New York Times best-selling authors and marriage experts Les & Leslie Parrott



​SYMBIS is accessible, FUN, relevant, non-threatening, and immeasurably practical!


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We can meet via ​VIDEO CONFERENCE.

The SYMBIS Assessment gives you a personalized road map to making your marriage everything it was meant to be. It just may be the most important thing you do for your relationship. Discover everything you need to know about:

  • Your Personalities - discover strengths you both bring to marriage

  • Your Love Life - cultivate deeper intimacy and lifelong passion

  • Your Fight Types - discover your “hot topics"

  • Your Talk Styles - crack the code for heartfelt and lasting connections

  • Your Deepest Longing - create your ultimate soul-to-soul connection

  • Your Money Methods - kick financial worries to the curb and deepen your connection with one another

Every aspect of this assessment is grounded in multiple studies to ensure that the tool is both reliable and valid.

After taking the SYMBIS Assessment, you’ll need a Certified SYMBIS Facilitator. Why? Because they are trained in debriefing your personalized 15-18 page report with you. I would love to be your personal facilitators! The SYMBIS Report is incredibly powerful and robust. They will help you understand and apply all of the valuable information it contains.

Here Are A Few Facts:

  • 76% of married couples say they wish they had pre-marriage education.

  • 86% of Americans over 18 say all couples considering marriage should get pre-marriage education.

  • Couples who do not receive pre-marriage education are more likely to see their problems as atypical and unsolvable.

  • 41% of divorced couples say lack of pre-marriage preparation contributed to their divorce.

So does pre-marriage counseling work?

Absolutely. Research conclusively shows that couples who succeed, gain the knowledge they need before they settle into destructive patterns that often lead to divorce. In fact, couples are 31% less likely to get divorced if they get some sort of pre-marriage training before they marry.

Not only that, couples who participate in pre-marriage programs experience a 30% increase in marital success and fulfillment over those who do not participate.

​* From "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts" by Less and Leslie Parrott.

​​Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage is one of the most important things you’ll ever do!


Just A Small Fraction (about 1.5%) of the average cost of a wedding in Texas.

  • Access to online assessments that you will each complete separately.

  • A personalized 15-18 page report that you keep after the sessions are complete.

  • 3 one-hour sessions with LaTrice to help you unpack, understand and apply all of the valuable information your report contains.​​ *Or 3 extended sessions, approximately two hours each.​​​

  • Support via email, phone, text.

  • ​A certificate of completion.

  • Most importantly, The tools to live the marriage of your dreams!!!!​​​

Only $400.00

That breaks down to about $65 per session!

Although it's not required, you are encouraged to purchase the "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts" book and workbooks to get the most out of your experience. The best price we've found is on Amazon where you can get all three books for about $35. (See images below.)

* The books are also available in "Saving Your SECOND Marriage Before It Starts"

Personalized 15 Page Report

Book & Workbooks for Men and Women


While counseling is beneficial in many cases, Coaching produces action, and action produces change. As every session includes action steps, progress is inevitable. Christian Marriage Coaching can take you from where you are in your marriage to where you would like to be.

You may be stuck in a certain area of your marriage. It would be easier to throw in the towel…yet you may feel that is the last resort. Ask yourself this question: “If things continue as they are now, where would I be in 5 years?” If you are uncomfortable with that answer, it may be time to make some progress; it may be time to partner with a Marriage Coach.

One primary reason Marriage Coaching is a successful avenue of help to marriages is found in the fact that coaching is about taking responsibility for one’s own part of the solution. Often times, one person in the relationship simply isn’t willing to make change. Marriage Coaching can help you to respond in the most appropriate way possible. Marriage Coaching is not therapy but helps couples get unstuck through relationship education, learning healthy relationship skills such as confiding, communication and problems solving skills, and by having experienced successful married individuals and couples teach from their years of marriage experience, mistakes, and training.