Online Notary Services


$25.00 Single document online notarization with one notary certificate

+$6 for additional seal


How It Works

  • The Notary and signer appear before each other using a live, real-time video conference solution.

  • The Notary identifies the signer using the methods allowed under current Notary law.

  • The Signer emails the for to the Notary for review.

  • The signer signs the document electronically with the Notary during the video conference. Link provided from the Notary

  • The Notary signs document received from the signer and completes the notarial certificate during the video conference.

  • Payment is collected during the session.

  • The notarized document is available for download after the session.

Special Notes:

  • Desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablet devices can be used for the process.

  • An Internet connection will be necessary for the live video/audio webcam session

Next Steps

  1. Fill out the contact form below

  2. Upload or Email documents that need notarizing and copy of Texas State I.D. for review. If docs are too large to upload please send email to

  3. Choose an appointment time

What We Can Do For You Online


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What We Can’t do for You

Wills and codicils

Trusts and any documents related to the creation or execution or amendment of a trust in any form

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