Notary Services & Fees 

Texas Gov’t Code Ann. §406.024 sets out the maximum fees a Notary Public may charge for notary public services. 

Roman Express Mobile Notary 

Service charges the following fees:


Give me a call/text: Latrice Roman- 972-275-6470

At this time I do not have an office. I am mobile. Being mobile means that I will meet you at a time and place that is perfect for you. (your home , a park , your favorite Starbucks, etc.) 

If no answer, please leave a message I will return your call promptly.

I am a State of Texas Licensed Notary Public and Member of the National Notary Association. Insured, Bonded and Commissioned.

We notarize all types of legal documents.

We're open from Monday thru Sunday (Holidays by appointment only and extra fees will apply) 

I can meet you in a safe, public place or come to you for an additional small mileage fee shown below:

Can come to hospitals, prisons, rehabs, nursing homes, etc. for notary services 

(Service Fee when travel is within 15 miles of 75137)

Above Service Fee plus per notarization fee listed below:  

Taking acknowledgments or proofs 

for the first signature on document $10.00

for each additional signature on same document $1.00

Administering oath or affirmation $10.00

Swearing a witness for a deposition $10.00

Taking a deposition of a witness (for each 100 words) $ 1.00 per 100 words

Certifying a photocopy $10.00

Providing an un-certified copy of an entry from a notary's record book (per page) $ 1.00

Signing of I-9s $50 ($30 Authorized Agent Signature Fee/ $20 Travel Fee)

Document Printing Fee: 2.50 Per page 

Online Notarization $25.00

An Online Notarization, also known as a Webcam Notarization, Remote Online Notarization or RON, is an electronic notarization conducted over the Internet, where a remote signer personally appears before a specialized Texas Online Notary Public, using live audio-visual technology. The digital document is electronically signed and notarized, meeting the standards adopted under Subchapter C. Chapter 406 of the Texas Government Code and Texas Administrative Code § 87.41. 

An extra travel fee will be added to cities/places outside of the above services area. Call or Text for exact pricing.

No appointments necessary.

Normal Business Hours Service Fees.

In the FROM box below our zip code is defaulted: 75137

Click on the Directions button and  enterYOUR ZIP CODE

Between 01 - 14 miles $20

Between 15 - 19 miles $25

Between 20 - 24 miles $30

Between 25 - 29 miles $35

Between 30 - 34 miles $40

Between 35 - 40 miles $45

Between 41 - 44 miles $50

Between 45 - 49 miles $55

You Will Need the Following:

A Valid Picture ID, Driver's License, or Passport. (Mexico ID, DL, or Passports are Welcome)

Medical Power of Attorney Forms

Government Insurance Forms

Assumed Name Certificates

Child Custody Agreements

Employee Eligibility Forms

Vehicle Registration

Medical Directives

Adoption Papers

Vehicle Title Paper Work





Wills and Trusts


Immigration Forms

Texas Nurse Aide Registry Employment Verification (Form 5506-NAR

USPS Form- 1583 

Drug Testing

School District Resident Affidavit Form (Duncanville ISD , Dallas ISD, Lancaster ISD, Desoto ISD)

Texas Immunization Exemption Form

Notarized Authorization to Release (Sure Storage). 

Divorces, Business Agreements, Consumer Legal Forms, Corporate Formalities, Divorce Legal Forms, Employment Legal Forms, Estate Legal Forms, Family and Children Forms, Financial & Investment, Healthcare Forms, Insurance Legal Forms, Landlord & Tenant Forms, Legal Utilities, Life Sustaining Statutes, Loan Legal Forms, Marriage & Partnership, Media & Broadcast Forms, Nonprofit Organization Forms, Partnership Legal Forms, Power of Attorney Forms, Promissory Note Forms, Real Estate Contracting, Real Estate Deed Forms, Real Estate Ownership Forms, Technology Legal Forms, Trust Forms, Remote Online Notarization

Serving Dallas County:

Contact: Latrice Roman 972-275-6470