Your Officiant



"I was raised in the Baptist tradition but, as an adult, my spiritual path has drawn me toward the New Thought philosophies. I believe that God, or Spirit, is a beautiful and infinite power that exists in and as each and every one of us. That Divine Spirit, connects us with each other and with all beings in love, kindness, and perfect harmony.

The bond of love between two hearts is a beautiful gift, one to be celebrated and honored. I am thrilled to support couples as they make a commitment of unconditional acceptance and appreciation with one another. As you explore the planning of your wedding, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate in creating the perfect ceremony, one that will ensure your marriage begins with a day of joy, celebration, and fond memories!"


  • Ordained through American Marriage Ministries

  • SYMBIS Facilitator

  • Active member of Trinity United Methodist, Duncanville TX

  • US Army Non-Commissioned Officer