Texas Marriage License

Texas Marriage License

Below is the information you need to know to receive a State of Texas Marriage License

I. Each applicant must present one of the following forms of identification:

Valid driver’s license, certified copy of birth certificate, valid passport, military ID card

II. Each applicant must present one of the following for proof of Social Security number:

Social Security card, print out from Social Security office, payroll stub with Social Security number

III. Fee for a Marriage License in Texas is approximately $73-$81 (cash only accepted) without State of Texas approved Marriage Education Counseling Class. Discount of $60 and waiver of 3 day waiting period with state approved marriage counseling class.

For more information on the Marriage Education Counseling Class, click on the www.twogetherintexas.com Loving Celebrations is an approved provider by the State of Texas.

IV. The following applies to application for a Marriage License in the State of Texas:

Bride and Groom (or Partners) must each be 18 years of age without parental consent.

Persons as young as age 14 may apply with parental consent.

Applications must be made in person by both applicants at any county clerk’s office.

No blood test is required.

No residency requirements; license is valid anywhere in the State of Texas.

No witnesses required at the ceremony.

Marriage License is valid for 90 days from issuance with a 72 hour waiting period before ceremony may take place (waived for active duty military personnel).

In case of recently divorced applicants, a 30 day waiting period is required from the date of filed divorce decree. Female applicants must submit a certified copy of final decree showing restored maiden name if different from current identification.

NOTE: If applicant is from Mexico and does not have any of the other forms of identification listed, he or she may be required to show a valid photo ID from the Mexican Consulate.

NOTE: Witnesses are not required in the state of Texas. Neither the Bride and Groom nor any witnesses are required to sign the marriage license. The Minister/Officiant is the only one who is required to sign the license.

V. To apply online for a Dallas County Marriage License, click HERE

DFW County Clerks Offices

Dallas County – Main, Records Building, 509 East Main Street, (214) 653-7559

Dallas County – East, E. Dallas Gov’t Center, 3443 St.Francis, (214) 321-3182

Dallas County – North, No. Dallas Gov’t Center, 10056 Marsh Lane, Set 137, (214) 904-3032

Tarrant County – Fort Worth, Ft. Worth Old Courthouse, 100 W. Weatherford, (817) 884-1195

Tarrant County – Arlington, Southeast Sub-Courthouse, 724 E. Border, (817) 548-3928

Tarrant County – Ft. Worth, Southwest Sub-Courthouse, 6551 Granbury Rd., (817) 370-4546

Tarrant County – Bedford, Northeast Sub-Courthouse, 201 East Harwood Rd, (817) 248-6253

Denton County-Denton, Denton County Courthouse, 1450 East McKinney Street, (940) 349-2010

Denton County – Carrollton, Sandy Jacobs Gov’t Center, 1029 Rosemead, (972) 434-7170

Collin County – Plano, Collin County Gov’t Center, 900 East Park, Ste 140-C, (972) 881-3025

Collin County – McKinney, Collin County Courthouse, 2300 Bloomdale Road, Set 2104, (972) 548-4185

Rockwall County – Rockwall, 1101 Ridge Road, (972) 882-0220